Goldencup is a new winter squash variety. Its parents are Golden Nugget and Buttercup. It has characteristics from both parents. It is orange in colour with a small cup on the blossom end. It is similar in shape to buttercup but with a very flat top.

Goldencup has over 10 years of selection for unique genetic characteristics. Each year offspring were selected for shape, internal thickness of flesh, flavour, texture and adaptability to a short growing season.

Golden cup has a 1 mm thick protective layer just under the outer surface giving it good storage qualities.

Goldencup was taste tested and selected for flavour and texture each year for well over a 10 year period by the breeder's family and friends.

It can range in size from 4 pounds to 12 pounds depending on environmental conditions of nutrition, water supply, and spacing of plants.

Goldencup was developed by Plant Breeder, Jim Wilson, in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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